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The 80’s action genre is a simple one. Paper thin plot, charismatic one liners, and a lot of over the top macho action. And of course, who would know this better than 80’s action movie legend, Sylvester Stallone, right? Well, apparently not. This is one of the most disappointing films I’ve ever seen, and that includes that crappy movie with Jet Li and Jackie Chan in it and a stupid name I can’t ever remember. This movie is supposedly a homage to that 80’s action genre, and yet it lacks all 3 of its essential ingredients. It’s an absolute affront to the genre and everyone to have ever been involved in it.

Let’s start easy. The Expendables are a group of mercenaries composed of Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and those other people in that poster, except Steve Austin and Bruce Willis. Willis gives them a job to kill some people (including Austin) on some island, and after a bunch of drama, they go and do it. And that’s the problem. Why is there drama? What, is Stallone getting senile and forgot that he and everyone else in this movie can’t act to save their life? (besides Bruce Willis and Mickey Rourke, of course, but their roles in the movie are so minor that they’re insignificant) The first 80 minutes of the movie is almost entirely drama and dialogue, where people change motives and facial expressions nonsensically, and ultimately, pointlessly.

But dialogue isn’t always a bad thing. Dialogue was what made Commando an instant classic. And yet, that charisma just isn’t there. The one liners are few and far in between, and they’re delivered with no charisma at all. Everyone sounds old, tired, bored, and boring besides Li. Sadly, he had about 10 lines for the whole movie. Even Mickey Rourke, who was lively enough for Iron Man 2, seems to have lost his energy for this movie, sounding much closer to his character in The Wrestler. That wouldn’t be bad if this was actually a drama, and if he wasn’t only in the movie for about 10 minutes. Except this isn’t a drama, and no one cares about him cuz his role in the movie is some pointless retired expendable who runs a tattoo parlor and adds nothing to the movie whatsoever.

Thanks to his old age, Stallone suddenly thinks he’s Pulp Fiction era Quentin Tarantino, and has replaced the classic one liner dialogues with long, extended, “complicated” discussions about completely irrelevant subjects. Let’s face it, Stallone was a great action hero, but he couldn’t write good dialogue if his life depended on it. What you get instead are long drawn out conversations about nothing delivered in a tiresome, tedious, and boring manner for 80 minutes.

And yet, I kept watching. Being an action movie of course, there has to be action, and I knew ahead of time from other reviews that this all happens in the last 20 minutes. RottenTomatoes has described it as hard hitting, but should hit harder with the cast. I don’t particularly agree. In fact, the action never hit at all. I even dare say that the atrocious AVP:Requiem had better action than this. At least that movie had decent looking special effects. Like AVP:R, almost all the action is shot by a cameraman suffering from epileptic seizures with a compulsive editor who isn’t satisfied with less than 10 cuts every second. Also like AVP:R, everyone is wearing all black and all the action takes place in the dead of night. The result is that, while there may be a lot of action happening somewhere and it MIGHT even be good, the fact of the matter is the audience can’t see jack shit.

And the special effects, my god. You’ll occasionally see some really cheap looking CGI blood that looks like it came straight out of the SNES port of Street Fighter II, and rarer still you’ll see some even worse CGI gore that makes the Genesis port of Mortal Kombat look like a Saw movie. The CGI explosions make the ones in direct to DVD Steven Seagal flicks look like Avatar. The effects in this look even worse than those in Last Action Hero, and that movie’s 16 years old and was a parody anyways, and it didn’t even work out there. And yet, Stallone somehow managed to delude himself into thinking that he can make crappy special effects work in his movie, and in the end, it’s us viewers who pay the price for it. Fans of this movie will say it’s part of the homage to the 80’s, and that really tells you a lot about what it takes to enjoy this movie, considering that, well, you know, CGI wasn’t prominent yet back in the 80’s. I’m not even sure if it was even invented yet. This is more a homage to Seagal direct to DVD movies if anything.

There’s also the amount of explosions. Yes, explosions are generally fun…just not when you try to fit about 60 of them in 20 minutes. It reminds of this one time a long time ago I asked my parents to buy more veggies, and they bought 5 pounds of it and tried to make me eat it all in one sitting. That’s what the explosions in this feels like. It deprives you of them until you’re begging for something to blow up, but long before the explosions are over, you’re already wishing you’ll never have to see another explosion again as long as you live.


But enough about its shortcomings. The movie isn’t ALL bad. Like I said, Jet Li’s one liners are actually decent. There’s also 1 or 2 other chuckles lost in this mess somewhere. Surprisingly, Jason Statham’s fight scenes are actually quite entertaining. It’s not so much his awesome moves, mind you, but for some reason, he’s the only one who had fight scenes that don’t take place in the dark with everyone dressed in all black with camera and editing work so spaztastic that it may as well be an ink blot test. But let’s not quibble over merits, I’ve always hated Statham, but I enjoyed his fight scenes in this movie nonetheless.

Sadly, everything else besides that small bit was pretty much unwatchable.

VERDICT: 1.2/10

The Expendables is an 80’s action movie homage bloated with bad testosterone drama, sorely lacking in humor and charisma, and finishes with what is best described as “abstract shadows” served with a side of the crappiest CGI you’ll ever see in your life. The best I can say about this movie is that it’s a cut above your average recent direct to DVD Steven Seagal flick. And, well, Jean-Claude Van Damme’s DVDs are usually at least 2 cuts above…so yeah, this movie is pretty much just marginally better than watching paint peel. Speaking of which, before this movie came out, I questioned JCVD and Vin Diesel’s decisions to not be in this movie. Now that I’ve seen what the movie ended up as, I totally respect their decision. Sure, they could’ve came in to pick up a fairly fat pay check like everyone else, but it would’ve been a pay check they paid for with their dignity.

Don’t get me wrong, I love most of the stars in this movie (except Statham, never liked him…though strangely he was my favorite character in this movie), but honestly, this is easily the worst movie any of them has ever been a part of.


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There’s not much to say here, so I’ll cut to the chase. It is everything you’d expect from a Paul Anderson Resident Evil movie: really bad acting, dialogue that tries to be witty but constantly falls flat, a plot that’s neither interesting nor coherent, utter disdain for this thing called “character development”, and a lot of really cool looking sets, special effects, and fight scenes. There’s an overabundance of slo-mo in this one, but I’d honestly prefer an entire movie in slo-mo than another spazzy, frantic 0.5s cuts-fest like Salt, Pandorum, and Prince of Persia. The action appeals to the little 10 year old boy within us, and that’s all we really want from it. However, the lack of funny one liners and the surprising excess of clothing on the girls keep this from being a complete braindead action movie.

VERDICT: 5.2/10

Overall, this isn’t a great movie, as expected. Any time something/someone isn’t getting blown up or getting their ass kicked, you’re almost definitely going to be bored. Fortunately, there’s a LOT of action, and some of it may even be considered top notch. The Claire and Chris Redfield fight against Wesker alone is almost worth the price of admission. It’s easily the best action sequence in the whole series (though I guess that doesn’t say THAT much). Anyone looking to see great action and visuals needs to look no further. Anyone who wants anything else that goes into a good movie should skip this one. Either way, half the movie is almost guaranteed to strain your attention. If you survive it though, the other half is actually very fun and entertaining.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, no, it still doesn’t have anything to do with the games besides stealing their character names and monster designs.

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Originally, I wasn’t gonna watch this movie. However, Ebert’s review made it sound like the kind of movie I’d love: braindead writing and non-stop over-the-top action. I was sorely disappointed.

What Roger said is accurate. The plot is retarded and full of holes, and the bland dialogue really doesn’t help. Anyone looking for intelligence would find it wise to stay far away from this movie, or anything else Kurt Wimmer writes, for that matter. However, if there’s one thing Kurt does well, it’s that he’s not afraid to come completely over the top with the action, as seen in his other works such as Ultraviolet (Milla Jovovich) and Equilibrium (Christian Bale). All 3 of these movies are similar in the sense that the writing is completely nonsensical and fairly unimaginative. Salt is either a Russian spy or CIA agent, and no one knows which, so the movie just shows her taking turns fighting against the Russians and Americans in a shallow attempt to keep you guessing, but ultimately, you won’t really care due to severe lack of character development.

This was exactly what I was expecting, so so far so good. Disappointment came in the action scenes, unfortunately. While Kurt had no problem having Bale gun down hundreds of fodders by his lonesome, or Milla kicking and slicing up close to 1000 fodders by herself, he seemed quite timid to have Jolie do anything remotely similar. She had her moments, such as building a rocket launcher out of cleaning supplies, or driving a car by tazering the unconscious driver in the head, but mostly she just does physics defying jumps and an occasional very slow kick. It’s stuck in this limbo where it isn’t over the top enough most of the time that you just go “wow, what”, and yet, it’s too over the top to have it be at all believable (all credibility flies out the window the second she jumps off a high speed subway and doesn’t suffer a single scratch, or even roll due to momentum).

Sadly, what she actually does is the best part of the movie. What the movie actually shows is much worse. Like many action movies nowadays, the action scenes cut at least 5 times per second while the cameras shake spaztastically. To make things worse, they’ve hired the worst special effects crew known to man since the days of Citizen Kane. There’s a scene where Jolie jumps down an elevator shaft by jumping side to side, sort of like Jackie Chan in reverse. Apparently, they also have the worst action director in the world, because they decided to show this scene perfectly clear without quick cuts or a shaky camera. The thing is, her fall trajectory is in perfect diagonal lines. I’m not against wirework, but for fucks sake, don’t be so lazy to just attach the back of her shirt to a clothesline and have her slide down when you’re trying to make us believe that she’s jumping. I’ve seen more realistic fall trajectories in old Atari 2600 games. Though to be fair, that scene was consistent with the rest of the movie in the sense that none of the laws of known physics actually apply, so I suppose gravity not causing any acceleration is the least of your worries if you’re still trying to make sense of anything.

That still isn’t the end of the problems though. The other major problem is Jolie herself. She does her own stunts in this movie, and it really shows in a bad way. Quite frankly, I’ve seen Kathy Bates run faster than Jolie. Not even the horrible camera work can hide just how out of shape she is (contrary to what fashion magazines tell you, being incredibly skinny is NOT HEALTHY). She runs slow, punches and kicks slow, jumps slow, and the most impressive physical feat she performs in the entire movie is taking off her panties while standing without lifting her skirt. I don’t have anything against action heroines (I’m a fan of Milla Jovovich, actually), but the point of an action star is kinda for them to be action packed, and you don’t really get that sense of action from Jolie in this movie. Her running for her life in this movie looks like someone trying to beat the “don’t walk” light when crossing the street. She’s terrible.


While it does have a few great moments of awesome ridiculousness, it’s essentially a watered down C-level semi-superhero movie. They may as well have named it Ultraviolet 2: Plainpurple in Modern Day Minus Physics (the fact that Jolie wears a wig and clothes that make her look surprisingly similar to Violet makes me wonder if this was the original intention). Ultimately, I don’t feel the 4 or 5 great Wimmer moments make sitting through the mundane and terribly written other 90 minutes of the movie worth your time, let alone the price of admission. Quite frankly, I’d rather watch Ultraviolet again, and that movie was terrible in most of the same ways, but at least Milla can actually kick ass. The only person Jolie can out-action is present day Steven Seagal, and at least he knows his own shortcomings enough to use a stunt double for every action scene now.



As a completely unrelated note, I’ve removed the “Upcoming Articles” page, as I realize I never actually do what it says anyways.

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Video game movies always gets the worst of reputations, and often justifiably so. I must say I haven’t played this series (outside of a PS2 demo disc), so maybe that contributes to my surprise, but this movie honestly isn’t that bad. As surprisingly good as it is, it still isn’t what I’d call a good movie. However, if you were interested in seeing this for whatever reason, hesitate no more, because what this movie isn’t, is boring.

It does suffer from quite a lot of flaws though. The plot is told almost entirely through exposition from a miscast cast of actors, many of which have heavy British accents for some reason. The fact that it’s based on the premise of a knife that can turn back time kinda nerfs what’s at stake too, though that didn’t stop them from adding copious amounts of pointless melodrama, like Dragonball Z. The dialogue in general is overly simplistic, and the princess’s dialogue is mostly annoying whining. Disney one liners and cliches are also liberally littered throughout. All this gives this movie a very childish cheesy feel to it.

While the special effects look great, the action is a bit hard to follow due to massive inconsistencies, very quick cuts, and a shaky camera. However, I’ve certainly seen much worse, and while not impressive, the action is still quite entertaining to watch. Though simplistically told, the plot does still sport quite a few twists that’ll keep your interest in what happens next. The ending is rather disappointing, and being a Disney movie, quite predictable, but all in all, not enough to ruin the experience of the other hour and a half of the movie.

That all said and done, none of its flaws are that severe that it should impede on anyone’s enjoyment of the movie. It’s better than average, and certainly better than most of the crap that’s been coming out for the past year and a half.


While not good enough for me to recommend, I can say with certainty that you shouldn’t hesitate on watching this purely on the bad reputation of video game movies, because this is easily the 2nd best video game movie ever made (Silent Hill taking first, and not counting Advent Children). While it doesn’t follow the game exactly, it has more or less the same feel and roughly the same plot, unlike Resident Evil and Doom, which hardly had anything to do with anything. However, don’t expect to see anything new or impressionable from it. This isn’t Inception, but it still is entertainment, without a doubt.

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I’ve always said that the first Ip Man movie was pretty much a lesser version of Huo Yuan Jia (aka Fearless), starring Donnie Yen instead of the much higher acclaimed Jet Li. The sequel is more or less the same, except better. By the latest great martial arts movie director, Wilson Yip (Dragon Tiger Gate, SPL, Flashpoint, Ip Man), and co-starring Sammo Hung (not just to get killed by Donnie this time), Ip Man 2 is easily the best martial arts movie since HYJ with excellent fight scene choreography and a not very original plot.

It follows the same basic plot as the first movie and Jet Li’s HYJ. There’s some foreigners that belittle chinese people in a poverty-stricken simplistic village somewhere in China, and our hero goes and kicks their ass with kung fu (Wing Chun, in this case). That said, it isn’t all that well written. One of Ip Man’s students (Huang Liang, in my fansub) gets a lot of face time and character developement, but his involvement with the plot gets progressively less throughout the movie until he’s almost entirely forgotten. Oddly, Sammo Hung’s character developement is fairly rushed, which is odd, since his character is actually pretty deep and complex, and he’s central to the main plot. Side characters aren’t really developed at all, and returning characters changed so much and are yet so undeveloped that you’ll probably struggle to remember who they actually are, but end up just not caring.

Then there’s the events themselves. There’s a lot of subplots that are just there but never developed. Ip Man’s wife’s pregnancy just seems totally thrown in for no reason and we learn very little about Huang Liang, who was central to the plot for the first half of the movie, for example. Fortunately, the main plot suffers from none of these issues.

As I was unable to find an undubbed cantonese version, I can’t really comment much on the acting. Their facial expressions and body language look fine though.

A long awaited rematch between martial arts movie superstars, Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung. This time, Sammo isn’t just a punching bag.

That all said and done, none of that actually matters much, since most of you watch these movies for the fight scenes, and they do not disappoint. There are bad things you can point out about all of Wilson Yip’s movies, but the fight scenes are never one of them. The ones in this movie are just epic. It cuts a bit more than we’re used to from Donnie, but the action more than makes up for it, from showcasing Wing Chun against several other traditional kung fu styles, to Donnie fighting off a hoard of rival school hooligans armed with choppers using one side of a large shipping crate, to Sammo Hung’s fat man drop kick while lifting himself with one arm in his rematch against Donnie. There’s no shortage of dramatic slowdowns either, giving this movie a very epic feel.


Surely, it’s still no match for the exceptional Huo Yuan Jia, and the writing is a bit sloppy (though not nearly as bad as Flashpoint), however, it does the job of keeping the viewer entertained in between the fight scenes, and then blowing them away during. You won’t come away with much, and will probably skip to key conversations and fight scenes on a second viewing, but this is still a must see for anyone who likes martial arts movies.

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“Hasta la vista, baby.”

In commemoration of the recent 160 Greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes video that’s been circulating around, I figured this was a good time to take a quick look back at his best works. Some say that he’s just a real life cartoon character, and I agree with them. While his main rivals, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Sylvester Stallone, can only do action/comedy and badass/action effectively, respectively, Arnold can be badass, hilarious, overly macho, and is always over the top.

Obviously, you’ll have to watch the Terminators (all 3 of them) and Predator. I don’t think I need to tell you why.

Total Recall: 9/10


Easily one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, most notable for its complete mindfuck plot. It will hit you with twist after twist. Sure, the effects haven’t weathered the test of time that well, but that’s easily made up for by Arnold’s surprisingly good acting performance, and some of his best Arnisms. A must see, whether Arnold fan or not, unless you’re terminally allergic to sci-fi movies.

True Lies: 9/10

“Can you make it quick? Because my horse is getting tired.”

An action/comedy/romance/thriller directed by the renowned James Cameron (The Abyss, Terminator 1, 2, Aliens, Titanic, Avatar, can this guy even make a bad movie anymore?!), starring Arnold and Jamie Lee Curtis. Already, you have to know this is going to be superb. Arnold plays a smooth and cool superspy akin to the likes of James Bond. However, his cool goes out the window when he suspects that his wife (Jamie) may be having an affair. He redirects his spy resources to spy on his wife instead in the middle of a mission tracking fanatical terrorists. It’s hilarious, fast paced, and of course, everything explodes. This is the macho guy movie that won’t put off the girlfriend. Another must-see for any movie goer.

Kindergarten Cop: 8/10


A comedy/romance/crime movie involving drug dealers, prostitutes, kindergarteners, abusive fathers, birthday sex, and people getting shot. The first impression upon hearing the premise are almost always something along the lines of “only Uwe Boll could’ve thought of something so incredibly stupid.” And yet, somehow, the end result is fantastic. It was so surprisingly fantastic, I probably bumped up the score an entire point out of respect. Anyways, Arnold plays a detective obsessed with busting a certain drug dealer and ends up having to go undercover as a Kindergarten teacher, then hilarity ensues. It’s definitely not for kids, but it’s a great feel good movie for anyone over 13. It starts out like a typical dark Arnold action movie, but he softens up and the ending is just so satisfying. You have to see this for yourself. It also has some of the best Arnisms, which helps a lot.

Last Action Hero: 7.5/10

“Iced that guy, to cone a phrase.”

The best way to look at it is that it’s a toned down version of True Lies, without the romance. It’s an action/comedy where Arnold parodies himself. There’s no shortage of cameos (including Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sylvester Stallone, T1000, and MC Hammer), smoking hot women, and bad puns. Sadly, it’s held back by the terrible special effects. I know it was the director’s choice to make them purposely look bad, but it was a bad choice any way you slice it. The plot isn’t particularly interesting either. A kid gets a magic ticket which gets him trapped inside an Arnold movie and ends up having to help him stop the bad guys, who eventually escape into the real world and the chase continues from there. Easily one of his most underrated movies though. Make no mistake, it’s hilarious. But that’s all it is.

Jingle All The Way: 6.8/10

“Put that cookie down, NOW!!”

Yes, I know this comedy is retarded. It may be a Christmas movie, but I would not advise you show it to children, due to the risk of infectious retardation. This movie may be ridiculous, but it’s surprisingly funny. Arnold will fight kung fu Santas, get owned by Sinbad, turn into a superhero, and give some the best Arnisms in his career. You won’t come away with much, but just look at that screenshot quote. Definitely worth checking out for an Arnold fan.

Commando: 6.7/10

“Remember Sully when I promised to kill you last?…I LIED.”

Lastly, there’s the very best of his old no nonesense macho action movies. Bad guys kidnap his daughter, and he goes and kills them all. It’s over the top, ridiculous, and easily contains his best Arnisms ever. It’s braindead, and the action scenes mostly boil down to a lot of people randomly shooting around and magically all miss Arnold, so sadly, you’ll be watching purely for the Arnisms. Oh, and the scene where he rips a phone booth. Yeah, BOOTH.


If that’s still not enough Arnold for you, here’s the runner ups, best first:
Eraser, The 6th Day, Red Heat, The Running Man

Actually, Eraser is a better movie than both Commando and Jingle All the Way. It’s just that there isn’t that many good Arnisms in it.

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Finally, I’m reviewing a movie that isn’t horror! Though, some people throw this in that category anyways since there are monsters, but whatever. Pandorum is a sci-fi/action movie by Paul W.S. Anderson (who also did Event Horizon, Mortal Kombat, AvP, and Resident Evil). From his resume, you can probably tell he does have a spot for video game movies. And that’s what this movie feels like. Overall though, the best way to describe this movie is with one word: sloppy.


Easily the strongest point of the movie, and that really isn’t a good thing. Bower awakes from hypersleep with amnesia, which will serve as a convenient and not very interesting plot device for the rest of the movie. Shortly after, his commanding officer, Payton, also awakens with amnesia. Anyways, something’s gone wrong with the ship, and what they need to do is reset the reactor core to restore power, find out what their mission is, and figure out where they are.

After that, it progresses almost exactly like a video game, with Payton giving support over the radio while Bower climbs through the vents into the main part of the ship. He’ll meet some monsters, find NPCs that give him small tidbits of information before dying, and even pick up party members. Yes, party members. There’s this german ninja girl and kung fu Vietnamese guy (played by MMA embarrassment, Cung Le), which serve little to no purpose to the main plot and are pretty much there to give Bower a fighting chance during random encounters. There’s a black guy too, who’s this creepy jerk and only serves as another plot device to reveal some more backstory, advance the plot to the next stage, and give our heros some more trouble.

Really, the only characters in this movie are Bower and Gallo (for spoiler reasons I can’t elaborate on who he is). The ninja girl’s pretty much there for the sake of having some boobs in an otherwise male dominated cast. Cung Le’s sole purpose is to have a one on one fight with the alpha creature. The black guy is really just a plot device.

There’s a lot of subplots and twists, but none of them really lead anywhere. Mostly they just give some backstory. Almost all the twists are cliché and predictable at this point, unless you’ve been living in a hole for the past 10 years of cinema. The last one about the whereabouts of the ship is quite good, but not enough to save the established incoherent mess of a plot.

What it really boils down to is a lot of action sequences with some occasional breaks for plot revelations, just like a video game. Although in a way, the plot will keep you guessing. The results just aren’t very rewarding. Most of the plot sequences are rushed so they can throw you into the next action sequence.

Cung Le, MMA embarrassment, fighting the alpha monster boss, Seen-Too-Many-Predator-Films.


The lead is ok at acting scared, and complete garbage at everything else. I think the twist about his wife was supposed to upset him, probably put him into despair, except it just came out as him talking normally, but louder. The ninja girl is completely flat (her acting, not her chest). The kung fu guy is played by Cung Le, and to try to hide his absolute inability to act, they have him speak Vietnamese the whole movie. Unfortunately, this means you never have a single clue as to what the hell he’s trying to communicate. The black guy’s character is completely one-dimensional, and likewise, so is his acting, so I guess that’s not technically bad. Gallo, who you meet later, easily gives the most convincing performance, but likewise, he’s one-dimensional. That leaves me no choice but to conclude that Payton gave the most impressive performance, and quite honestly, I’ve seen better in made-for-TV movies.


Typical of Paul’s films, the set design is absolutely top-notch. Sadly, that’s the only good thing I can say about the screenplay.

Let’s start with the action sequences. You have the hero with his gun, a ninja girl, and an MMA reject. With this combination, you’d probably expect quite a lot of fights. There are 2. And neither are very good. The first one pits our party against one generic monster, and the choreography is actually quite good. Sadly, this is counteracted by how the camera cuts to a new angle every second.

Then there’s the fight between Cung Le and the monster leader, who’s clearly watched too many Predator movies in his days. He fights with wristblades, a spear, and has a code of honor, ffs. None of that really matters, because the directors obviously noticed that Cung Le’s fighting skills are about as good as his acting at this point, and the camera now cuts every half a second, AND shakes spaztastically so you can’t ever really see what the hell is going on.

All the other action sequences are just a lot of running around, which are also ruined by the “special effect” they use on the creatures. What they did was play the creature footage in fast forward to make them look really fast. There’s a gazillion problems with that. First of all, anyone who’s watched an episode of Knight Rider before knows that fast forward footage just looks plain retarded. Second of all, they’re outrun by our heroes anyways. To make it look even worse, the camera cuts quite often in these sequences too. It’s as if this film was specifically targetted at audiences with ADD.

This is also evident in the pacing, which is lightning fast. Too fast perhaps. A lot of people cry plot holes after seeing it, even though there aren’t any. It just moves so fast that you’d probably miss it. I’m all for fast paced action movies, but the problem here is that most action movies are braindead, while this one sports a complicated and severely convoluted plot.


VERDICT: 4 (not an average)

It’s really a shame, because this movie sports so many good ideas. It has many elements that could’ve made the film incredible. Sadly, no effort has been made to make those elements work together to make a good movie. Just goes to show that you can’t throw a gazillion good ideas together and have the result turn out good, in the same way you don’t just randomly toss 5 star ingredients together and expect it to taste good. Although you probably won’t be bored watching this movie, it’s ultimately not very rewarding. You won’t miss out if you skip it unless you’re a seriously hardcore sci-fi fan.

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